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Double I Ltd. is a Japanese market specialist representing exclusive products and concepts from the fields of Finnish design.
Does your idea or product have the potential to enter stay and grow in this discerning and well-informed market? With design management and bi-lingual service, Dounle I can help in:

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Henriikka Saarela is an international project and design management professional with 12 years of university and business experiences from Japan. Double I Ltd. was founded n 2009 on the principle that an in-depth understanding of two different cultures allows for mutually enriching communication, efficient project management and the identification of successful business opportunities. Double I is about the strengths of having two "I's" - two identities, two "eye's" - two ways of seeing and then there is a double amount of ai - 愛 - love, too.

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Double I Uudenmaankatu 36 A 4 00120 Helsinki
+358 45 112 1597